Overcoming Anxiety | Sat 21 Aug

Pave the way to far less stress and anxiety.

KMC Melbourne –  79-81 Franklin Street, Melbourne.

Session Times: S1: 10.30-11.30am VIC |  S2: 12-12.45pm VIC | S3: 2-3.15pm VIC

Bookings close Sat 21 Aug at 10.30am VIC. The class will then be available to view for 48 hours to those who have purchased to watch online. To join the waiting list to attend in-person if sold out, please email [email protected]

Stress and anxiety are increasingly common in our world, and there are all sorts of therapies and practices we can try to remedy this. You can even buy stress-reducing herbs from the vitamin aisle of the supermarket! But all our efforts will be to no avail if we don’t take stock of what our mind is actually doing. Have you actually had a look at what is in your mind? Are you able to count the number of things you’ve thought about today? Or is your inner world a turbulent stream of uncontrolled thoughts, images, memories, and songs?

It’s clear that if we want to get a grip on our anxiety levels, we need to stabilise our mind, and the best way to do this is through mindfulness and meditation. On this course, Buddhist Monk Gen Dornying, will give guidance and instruction on various meditation techniques that bring the wild elephant of our mind to peace, thus paving the way to far less stress and anxiety.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Dornying is the Resident Teacher of both Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, Kadampa Meditation Centre Melbourne, Darwin and Alice Springs. He has been teaching Kadam Dharma in Australia for over 16 years. He is an inspiring and light-hearted teacher of modern Buddhism who makes Buddha’s teachings clear, accessible and applicable to modern life.

Gen Dornying teaches the Teacher Training Program, The Foundation Program, and most of the special courses at KMCA.