Love Kindness Happiness | Public Talk | Sat 23 Oct


Love is about your own happiness, your own mental wellbeing.

Class time: 10-11.30am VIC

Bookings close the time the class goes live. The class will then be available to view for 48 hours to those who have purchased to watch online.


Does it sometimes seem that others are the source of your frustration and heartache? If so, you may ask – why love them?

To answer that question we must understand that genuine happiness is a stable pleasant feeling that comes from being at peace, both within ourself and with the world us. The best method to feel this way is to meditate on love.

Join us for this special public talk and learn to find peace. Love is not just about those in your life, it’s about your own happiness, your own mental wellbeing.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Dornying is the Resident Teacher of both Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, Kadampa Meditation Centre Melbourne, Darwin and Alice Springs. He has been teaching Kadam Dharma in Australia for over 18 years. He is an inspiring and light-hearted teacher of modern Buddhism who makes Buddha’s teachings clear, accessible and applicable to modern life.