Introduction to Tantra – Half-Day Course | Sat 12 June


Please Note: Due to severe weather conditions and power outage at KMC Australia this workshop has been postponed. More information coming soon. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Buddha’s most profound revelation is that our world is a mere appearance to our mind, like a dream world. Because our world, our self, our enjoyments and our activities are the nature of our mind, when our mind is impure they are impure, and when our mind becomes pure through purification practice they become pure.

Tantra accomplishes this complete purity. It combines the wisdom understanding our dream-like reality with creative imagination that transforms our self into a deity abiding in an enlightened world. It is often called ‘the quick path to enlightenment’.

On this course, Gen Dornying will explain the essential meaning of tantric practice and how it brings great meaning, direction and happiness to our lives. We will learn how to transform worldly pleasures into the spiritual path, so instead of developing attachment which is the root of all problems, our enjoyment will increase our inner peace and spiritual realisations.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Dornying is the Resident Teacher of both Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, Kadampa Meditation Centre Melbourne, Darwin and Alice Springs. He has been teaching Kadam Dharma in Australia for over 16 years. He is an inspiring and light-hearted teacher of modern Buddhism who makes Buddha’s teachings clear, accessible and applicable to modern life.

Gen Dornying teaches the Teacher Training Program, The Foundation Program, and most of the special courses at KMCA.