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Current Course – Declutter Your Mind


This pandemic has inspired a great decluttering. Garages, home offices, spare bedrooms – they’ve never looked so tidy. 

But what about your mind? 

Buddha taught that our mind is always moving, flitting from thought to thought without control. (“I should meditate/exercise/go for a walk/call my mother  but I have too much work/I’m tired/the house is a mess – oops, I forgot to pay that bill/return that phone call”…)

It might seem harmless, but this unstable attention makes our inner world cluttered, congested and unpeaceful. It also makes happiness and well-being impossible.

In this course, you’ll learn special meditations to dissolve away this turbulence and negativity. Your mind will naturally feel tidy and joyful – like a clear blue sky, the nature of peace. You’ll gain clarity, feel less overwhelmed, and get more done.